Acupuncture Can Help Health Related Issues During Pregnancy

Acupuncture Can Help Health Related Issues During Pregnancy

The excitement of pregnancy is often marred by health related issues that western medicine is unable to help with. During my pregnancies I had no idea that there were any alternatives other than to just get on with it and be grateful that I was pregnant. However, I now know that this is not the case and something as old as acupuncture may be the key to minimising ailments allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy.

I feel very lucky to have had the privilege of attending a training course in maternity acupuncture with Debra Betts a New Zealand acupuncturist. Here I learnt that women in New Zealand are being successfully supported with acupuncture for a variety of pregnancy related ailments including;

  • morning sickness
  • heartburn
  • headaches
  • exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • stress
  • depression
  • oedema
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • pubis symphysis pain
  • back pain
  • bleeding
  • haemorrhoids,
  • vulval varicosities
  • varicose veins
  • abnormal blood pressure

Research has shown that acupuncture by a qualified practitioner is safe, and can treat the above mentioned health issues, as well as other pregnancy conditions including

  • threatened miscarriage
  • small for date babies
  • breech presentation
  • From 36 weeks treatments are planned to assist in the preparation for birth to help avoid complications and interventions during labour

I also discovered how beneficial acupuncture could be during the first few weeks following delivery to help to ensure a smoother transition into motherhood. This is a time when a new mum needs to be nurtured so that she can recover from the labour and pregnancy and take the best care of her baby. Again, acupuncture can help, for example, with milk let down, breast feeding, mastitis, baby blues, fatigue, perineal healing, urination, after pains and oedema….

Some of you reading this may already use acupuncture as a regular health benefit, or acupuncture may have helped you during your fertility journey, but for others acupuncture may not have crossed your minds. So if you are experiencing difficulties with your pregnancy that conventional medicine is unable to help with, please get in touch.



For more information about acupuncture in pregnancy or to find out more about the research please visit Debra Betts website by clicking here

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